North Evia, a place so different from all the others, an unforgettable experience. You observe the ever-changing landscape. Every 10km you see a new wonderful place. Waterfalls, canyons, waters running everywhere, rivers and paths, which are suitable for all kinds of activities.
Beaches with blue-green waters and the Aegean air create the right conditions for water sports. Time is pleasantly spent in N. Evia. The area offers many activities which can satisfy even the most demanding visitors.
Try swimming, windsurfing, kite surfing (in Kanatadika, Pefki, &Vasilika) jet skiing and scuba diving (in Agios Georgios-Lichada &Lichadonisia), Sailing triangle, canoe-kayak, open sea sailing (in Limni & Orei). If you love fishing, N.Evia is the perfect destination for you, as a lot of seminars concerning coastal fishing take place or seminars about fishing by boat.
For the mountain enthusiasts a walk or a bike ride with friends is ideal. Earth paths and two motocross racing circuits (in Kamaria & Rovies) are available for the friends of motor sports.
If you are fond of horse riding, you can visit the villages of Kamatriades, Taxiarchis and Agia Anna, where you can ride a horse through the forest and learn the secrets of horse riding by experienced trainers.
During the summer various sports events are organized in the area, such as beach-volleyball tournaments, 5×5 soccer, 3×3 basketball, cycling races, four-wheel drive and enduro.

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