Our limbs are daily strained by external factors and objects. However, well-cared nails are considered necessary for a perfect appearance. For this reason, it is recommended that we take care of them. We offer you the possibility, even during your vacation, to have a full care and hygiene in your own studio. Nail care will revitalize your physical health, will increase your mood and will bring out your most beautiful self. For more information contact the reception.

Among our services you will find a solution to many common problems that your tired hands and legs suffer from, such as painful soles, finger and nail problems, dry skin, cracks, hardening etc.
Enjoy the peeling and massage services we offer with special care for your tired limbs and feel happy about the chance that you are given to relax.


  • Simple manicure (nail cutting, polishing, simple nail painting)
  • Manicure
  • Semi-permanent nail polish (nail cutting, polishing, semi-permanent painting)
  • Subtraction of semi-permanent nail-polish and fitting of new one
  • Manicure with cosmetic treatment
  • Spa manicure (nail cutting, polishing, simple painting, peeling & paraffin)
  • Crafty nails

Natural enhancement

  • Crafty nails with gel
  • Crafty nails (acrylic with an elongation form)
  • Maintenance
  • Subtraction of semi-permanent nail polish both from hands and feet
  • Subtraction of craf
  • Nail art – Strass- Swarovski

Nail design

  • Strass fitting
  • Swarovski fitting


  • Simple pedicure (nail cutting, polishing, simple nail painting)
  • Pedicure semi-permanent nail polish (cutting, polishing, semi-permanent painting)
  • Pedicure with foot massage
  • Therapeutic pedicure (nail cutting, polishing, moisturizing cream, simple painting, peeling and paraffin)

Note: for the pedicure you need to have a basin and a towel (if these are not available, please let us know in advance)

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