a wonderful underwater world.

Recreational Diving. Discover the secrets of North Evia’s seabed. Shipwrecks, reefs, night diving. They all expect you to explore them. A new experience, a feeling of relaxation and serenity, a different kind of contact with the sea and the incredible beauties of the underwater life.

1.The shipwreck in Lichadonisia
Distance from Agios Georgios: 3 nautical miles Maximum depth of diving: 10m. The diving is focused on the “Slepi” (a type of ship of World War II made of cement, 25m long, which sank after being bombed by allied aircraft). The ship is seated on a sandy bottom, upright and maintained in good condition.

2.“Aspro” Stroggilis
Distance from Agios Georgios: 2,5 nautical miles Maximum depth of diving: 22m
Open sea reef with a peak at 6m, with large boulders that create labyrinthine holes. During certain seasons of the year it hosts several species of fish. This particular diving is also offered for photography due to the rich and colorful underwater flora.

Distance from Agios Georgios: 4 nautical miles Although the depth of this reef is 8m, this diving is addressed to Advanced divers. During certain hours of the day it is addressed to Drift Divers, as there are underwater currents.
This particular reef has an interesting bottom, rich in flora and descends to a depth of up to 30m.

Distance from Agios Georgios: 3 nautical miles. With maximum depth of 15m it is addressed to Advanced divers with Drift Dive Specialty.
What the locals call “Vina” is a step 100m from the Monolia island, where tidal streams prevail.

Within 3 nautical miles from our starting point there is a reef with a peak at 11m and a maximum depth of 22m. It is addressed to divers with Open Water experience. This particular reef consists of boulders that form an impressive cone.

In the regions of North Evia diving is organized by the Lichadonisia Diving Center in Agios Georgios Lihada.
Communication at Tel numbers +306937110782 , +306945705467

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